The Biology Department at Muhlenberg College is composed of distinguished faculty who are highly engaged in their teaching and research, and students who are equally enthusiastic about studying the diversity of life in a liberal arts environment. 

As a department, we value the breadth of our discipline.  At all levels, we engage students in the creative and investigative process of science as they develop critical and analytical skills and an understanding of the methods by which biologists study nature. Many students collaborate with faculty on research that leads to professional presentations and publications, choose to do internships or study abroad. Our students are active in the Muhlenberg community through clubs such as Synapse, Biology Club and Muhlenberg College EMS. 


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Our Faculty

Muhlenberg Biology faculty are expert, published researchers and operate laboratories with excellent resources and equipment. Meet the mentors who will guide you to a future career in the biological sciences.

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Conduct research during the academic year, during the summer as independent work or year-round - both on and off campus. At Muhlenberg, the choice is yours.

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Biology Curriculum

Muhlenberg's biology curriculum takes advantage of a rigorous core and the breadth of a liberal-arts foundation. You will receive exceptional preparation for medical school, graduate programs and careers in biological science.

Biology at Muhlenberg

About Our Program

Shankweiler Scholars

Honors Programs

Muhlenberg's newest honors program is designed for highly motivated undergraduates who are preparing to pursue a medical degree after graduation and a life of serving humanity through clinical practice and/or research.