Why Study Film at Muhlenberg?

  • 澳博国际首页 一个领导者. The overlapping 电影研究, 媒体 & 沟通Documentary Storymaking programs at Muhlenberg have 16 full-time faculty, making us the largest liberal arts film and media programs in the United States – with more extensive offerings than many large universities.
  • Our students have access to an unparalleled range of film and media expertise, in courses taught by accomplished teachers.
  • 澳博国际首页 one of a select few liberal arts colleges with a 生产计划. The theory and practice of cinema are 无缝集成.
  • You’ll get access to equipment and filmmaking, with the small classes and personalized attention of a liberal arts college.
  • Muhlenberg’s top-ranked 剧院项目 means you can work with some of America’s best student actors.
  • 澳博国际首页有 专业课程 in every facet of the filmmaking process, from pre-production and screenwriting to editing. The most recent addition, Directing and Performance for Film.
  • A liberal arts college is the best place to develop yourself and your creative potential. Running a camera isn’t the hard part – ideas are the hard part, your ideas are going to come from being a smart person who knows something about the world.
  • No matter what kind of film you’re interested in 制造或学习, you can learn about it 在这里. Our courses cover everything from silent cinema to the latest festival hits from around the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from documentary to the avant-garde.

Lights, Camera, Action


Assistant Professor of 电影研究 David Romberg takes a hands-on, team-focused approach to teaching students about the art of cinema.